As a wife, and mom, I know how much your wedding means to you. Between finalizing the venue, confirming the bridal party, and securing a food menu, things can get hectic—but with me by your side, your photo shoot will be organized, fun, and of bridal magazine-quality. 


I am a

Hello Brides and Grooms to be, and congrats on your engagement! …Love is a beautiful thing; it really is! Remember when you and your partner first met, that first awkward glance, that first kiss? And now, here you are, planning a wedding, deciding on your honeymoon destination, and maybe even chatting about the number of kids you’d like to have. 

capturing those moments that are unforgettable.

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Ten fun facts about amber!

1. I was born and raised here in Wichita Kansas
2. I have never lived anywhere else, but have traveled the US
3. I received my bachelors in Fine Arts @ Wichita State in 2007
4. I was a graphic designer for three years
5. My wedding photography business started in 2007
6. The first wedding I ever documented was a family wedding event. I was hooked!
7. I have photographed over 280 weddings to date
8. I've been married since 2008 to my best friend
9. I wanted a small intimate wedding, so we got married by the beach in Florida
10. We had our daughter, Quinn in January of 2016