After nearly 11 years of photographing babies and children, I have found that you just have to let them play and capture the moment. Less stress for both mom and child. Let me help you make this a great experience. I will capture milestones that will last a lifetime for you and your child. 


I am an

I think moms are super heroes! It has to be the toughest yet most rewarding job in the world. I had my daughter in January of 2016. She's almost impossible to photograph but has been a total blessing. Moms, I totally get it, why we stress out getting our children ready for pictures, and why it's impossible to keep them in one place during the session. What I can tell you is this -

capturing those moments that are unforgettable.

what i enjoy out of life

° Following Christ and seeking His Kingdom
° Spending quality time with my little family
° Loving to create, imagine, and design
° Sipping on my homemade vanilla lattes every morning
° Having a good, positive book in my hands
° Making sure my daughter is having the best childhood possible