Aug 21, 2017

Quynh + Loc | Andover wedding at the Ville | Wichita Kansas Wedding Photographer

Quynh and Loc had a gorgeous wedding that took place on July 29th, 2017 in Wichita, Kansas. It was a full day of fun with these two, and both my associate and I enjoyed being their shadows, as we captured all the little details that made this day fabulous.

We started out early in the morning documenting the pre wedding festivities. My associate being with Loc and guys at the hotel, and myself with Quynh and girls at her home in east Wichita. The girls were pouring stella pink, and getting all the finishing touches done to the house, preparing it for the Vietnamese tea party to take place that morning. Quynh got into her gorgeous Vietnamese gown, then hid in her room before the festivities started. Loc soon arrived with his parade of family and friends. They exchanged gifts, and the mothers placed them on the table. Quynh was escorted out of her room by her sister, and then the tea party began.

After the first tea party, we took some amazing pictures at the entrance of Quynh’s neighborhood. We had the most perfect morning, with the sky so blue, and the most glorious breeze. After such an awesome photo shoot with the bridal party, we headed over to Loc’s house for Tea Party #2.

My associate and I headed to St. Anthony after the last tea party to get prepared for the catholic ceremony. Quynh arrived in her white dress and the ceremony started soon after. It was stunning to say the least. We took some family photos afterwards in the church, and then had the bridal party meet us in old town for some fun bridal party pictures. The heat of the afternoon sun was upon us as we ventured around the down town area. We started by taking some photos by the Warren Theater splash pad and ended at Hotel Old Town before calling it good. The couple needed to head home and rest before the next half of the wedding to finish the evening.

My associate and I headed to the Ville in Andover, located in St. Vincent De Paul. We did a few getting ready shots as the bride was getting re-dressed after the small break. They took some pictures with each guest as they entered, and then made their entrance down the grand staircase. The 10 course meal started and everyone began to celebrate the couple. They had their dance together, cut the cake, and then we took them out into the courtyard for a few sunset pictures. They came back in to start greeting each table and toast to their happiness. Everyone started to dance, the glow sticks came out, and the party went on all night.

Quynh and Loc,

Thank you for trusting in us to document such a special time in your lives. We are super passionate about what we do and giving our clients authentic images that are truly them in every way. We hope you both will be able to look back on your images and cherish them for many more years to come. Many blessings to you both!


Amber Sublett