Apr 18, 2018

What to expect at your newborn session | Wichita Kansas Newborn Photographer

A lot of first time parents ask me, “what should we except for the newborn session, and do we need to bring anything?”

When it comes to your first precious little baby’s photo shoot, there is no need to worry about bringing lots of props or outfits. Newborns usually don’t fit well into regular clothes, and most of the ones I photograph are either naked, swaddled, or in a delicate handmade outfit fitted to size. In my home studio, I have tons of props, wraps, handmade outfits, blankets, headbands, mini stuffed animals, furs, backdrops… the list goes on and on. All parents need to bring is the necessities for baby.

When the session starts, I usually like to start off with mom, dad and baby all together for that first family photo. Then I finish up with baby by his or herself with as many set ups as they will allow. Most babies need one or two feedings at some point during the 2 – 3 hour session. It’s a long session, so I want parents to relax at this time and take a nap if desired.

After the session, I will work on your images to make them frame worthy. I do 7-9 composites with some of the images to create beautiful pieces of art for your walls. The post processing time takes 1-2 weeks to get completed and to my clients.

Check out what a typical session looks like for first time parents at my studio: