Aug 11, 2018

Taylor + Ethan Wedding | C-Arrow Stables }

Taylor and Ethan’s wedding was one for the books! I have never been out to C-Arrow stables before, but have heard from others that their children took horse riding lessons there. The owners are so down-to-earth, and Taylor has known them for many years, making this venue much more personal.

The couple met at Ethan’s going away party in NC.  Taylor had seen a few pictures of this really cute guy but found out he was moving to FL and thought..”well that will never work out” haha.  She received an invite from one of his friends to go dancing that night not knowing he would be there.  Ethan and Taylor danced together most of the night and after a few messages back and forth wishing him good luck on his next venture, they just couldn’t stop wondering what was going on in each other’s lives.  They stayed in touch over text.  A month had passed, and only had met once but the connection was there.  Taylor went to visit him a few months later and that’s all she wrote. ???? Taylor still laughs to this day that she thought…well…that will never work out.  Can’t say never!

Ethan surprised Taylor with a trip for her 30th birthday in March of 2017.  He took her up to Gatlinburg, TN as she had always wanted to go.  They drove by some beautiful waterfalls and lookout points, he stopped so she could take pictures.  After making their way through Cade’s Cove, they stopped again at the same waterfalls so she could get more pics from a different angle.  He asked if she wanted to go to a higher point as there were kayakers coming down the falls.  Taylor was taking pictures and when she turned around, he was on one knee, asking her to marry him. Obviously, she said yes!!  It hit her in the car what had just occurred and of course, started to cry.  She had to call her parents first thing and believe it or not, her momma kept a secret. HAHA!  After looking at other pictures they had taken in Cade’s Cove, the ring box was in his pocket and she didn’t know it.

For the end of May, it was a smoking hot day, with no clouds in the sky. My associate and I split up for most of the day, me with the girls and her with the guys. I started out at the Hampton Inn where the girls where getting ready and drinking mimosas. The guys were hanging out at the stables getting ready and taking pictures. We both had to sneak the couple downtown to the same location without them seeing each other. That was a tricky one, but we did it! After taking some fun pictures with the bridal party in the heart of old town, we headed back to the stables for a few more pictures and to prepare for the ceremony.

The ceremony was amazing, simple, and sweet. The couple did some more pictures afterwards, and then we headed into the barn to get the party started. I loved everything about this wedding. Taylor and Ethan couldn’t of been a better couple for us. They are both so genuine and down-to-earth, exactly what I look for in my clients.

Taylor and Ethan,

Thank you so much for trusting in us to capture one of the most important days in your lives. We absolutely loved getting to work with you both and your families. Having the opportunity to work at the stables and capture your love for horses was also a joy. We hope that these memories will last a lifetime for you both. Cheers to many more years of happiness and love.


Amber Sublett