Oct 5, 2018

Newborn session work flow | Wichita Kansas Newborn Photographer

I love having a stress free workflow for my newborns and parents. What you’ll see below, is the order in how I create my poses with baby. With this type of posing, it allows me to give my clients more verity, more images, and more time to relax during their session.

First, If there are other children, I like to capture a few family poses. Or, if it’s mammas first born, I will get mom and dad together with their little one. I then like to document the bond of mom alone with baby, and the same with dad. If there are siblings present, I will get the kids with baby alone as well. Since these sessions can take 2-3 hours to complete, I will make sure to get these at the very start, so that siblings can leave if they need to. Otherwise, my daughter has a playroom near by that kids are welcome to during the session.

I then will move baby to my small bean bag. This allows me to create fun and unique composites later in edit. I usually do 2-3 different wraps or handmade outfits on this set. I end up giving my clients both the before and after composite, because they are so different from each other, but both so sweet.

After the small bean bag, I move baby to 2 different prop set ups that I have ready to go. I typically try to rearrange colors with mom prior to the session, but most moms like me to pick what I prefer and go with the flow.

I save my large bean bag for the very end. Mainly because baby is naked, and by the time the session is about over, my studio is very warm. Some babies are done at this point, but if they allow me to get a few in, awesome!!!

Below is just a sample of a typical newborn session with me. My clients end up with anywhere from 40-50 images after editing is complete. 🙂

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