Feb 22, 2019

Baby Estelle | Wichita Kansas Newborn Photographer

Hey all, it’s Feature Friday, and this week I wanted to share baby Estelle’s woodland themed newborn session. If you love everything bohemian… then you’ll love this! Her momma came to me with a request – for more neutral tones, and woodland themed props. I totally knew right then and there this was meant to be. Woodland I can jive with… absolutely!

Little Estelle was an angel and slept her entire session. She was a dream!!! When I have a baby totally milk drunk, I’m in heaven! This means, more time to change baby, and move on to another pose and prop. More verity!! This doesn’t mean every baby will cooperate as well as this little one did. Some babies are colic due to tummy pain, or just have a hard time settling. I’ve had some babies not really interested at all in sleeping during their session. This makes mommas worried about photos not turning out how they would like. But I can reassure you that no matter the situation, we will get some great photos. I do lots of composites, like you will see below, that are created from just a few poses. I can create multiple images, a verity of different set ups, that will make you feel like we got so much more. It’s a total win!

It’s in my future plans to shoot a video, that shows the total process that I go through from setting up, to shooting, to editing the final product.