Mar 25, 2019

Bryanna + Connor | Stone Hill Barn | Wichita Kansas Wedding Photographer

It was a cold and wet February day and rain was in the forecast. When I arrived to Stone Hill Barn, I was expecting the ground to be pretty muddy from the rain we already had, and knew most of the pictures would be happening indoors. At this particular venue, that is totally okay since we have lots of natural light pouring in.

Bryanna and Connor both got ready with their bridal party in the guest house next door. After a very touching first look with her dad, we were ready for the couples first look in the barn. The bridesmaids warned me that there would be a surprise first look with the two best men dressed up and that Connor had no idea. This ended up being hilarious, and totally set the mood for the rest of the day. We let Connor regroup after such a fun moment with his boys, and got him repositioned for his special moment with his love.

We then started into formals, getting most of them done inside. Everyone braved the cold temps for a few moments as we rushed outside in the damp breeze for some fun shots in front of the barn. The stormy clouds made for a gorgeous backdrop, and the earthy tones gave a warmness to a rather cold day.

I was in love with everything about this wedding! From the humble and kind couple to the well thought-out planning of the entire day. The worship service during their ceremony was just the cherry on top! I couldn’t have asked to be a part of a better wedding then this one. I was so honored to be Bryanna and Connor’s wedding photographer. They were a fun group to work with.