Dec 3, 2019

Kristianna + Richard | St. Mary’s Cathedral | Wichita Kansas Wedding Photographer

Wow, guys, It’s been a minute since my last blog post. I am a little embarrassed it has taken me this long to post Kristianna and Richard’s gorgeous wedding pictures. Their wedding is definitely worthy of being featured.

I loved everything about this stormy summer day. It was July 6th and the forecast was saying rain for the entire day. The Lord blessed these two as we did not see any rain until after everyone was inside the reception venue ready to party. We had the deepest blue sky for photos and it worked out beautifully!

St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of my favorite churches to photograph. Not only because my parents got married there, but because it’s gorgeous!!! I am always really happy with how my images turn out here. The courtyard reminds me of a secret garden and it’s one of the go-to spots there at the church.

We went downtown after the ceremony to capture all the bridal party and romantic portraits. I remember it being very humid as the storm was brewing up in the distance. The bridal party was awesome and everyone was troopers through the heat.

The party was held at Abode. This was the 2nd to the last wedding that would take place there. I’ve always loved this venue and was excited to be able to photograph one more wedding there. They had most of their party in the front room with all the windows. I loved this idea! Being able to separate the dance from all the dinner tables made a huge difference.

I loved being a part of Kristianna and Richard’s big day!