Feb 1, 2017

Whimsical Woodland First Birthday

I’m sitting here still in awe that my daughter Quinn just turned one. How did this happen!? When I was pregnant I would hear… “they grow up so fast” so often I figured It wouldn’t be that way with me. Boy was I wrong. It really does flash before your eyes.

Now we are just picking up from her whimsical woodland party and I couldn’t be more thrilled by how it turned out. Everything I envisioned came to life. I planned on ordering her smash cake and thought… what if she’s not into it? I didn’t want to pay out the bucks for something she might not touch. I decided to make my own naked cake with three 6″ round layers. I bought some small pans from hobby lobby and some cheap vanilla cake box mix (two to be exact). I was super nervous making this since it was my first time. I made the decision to bake the layers the day before and freeze them making it easier to the cut off the dome tops (This process was easier then expected). They were ready to go by the next day which all I had left to do was frost and stack. Since it’s a naked cake… the frosting doesn’t have to be perfect, Phew! Once I placed the one topper and flower arrangements it was ready to be displayed! I got this done by 9:30am and her party wasn’t until 2:00pm. I noticed the cake starting to lean a bit and I freaked out thinking it would tip over and break a part. My sister being a professional baker and all reassured me this would not happen… and it didn’t. Who knew a one year birthday party could make me sweat!

I decided to do a time capsule that Quinn will not open until she is 18. I loved this idea as soon as I heard about it. I thought what a great way for her to read what her loved ones thought she might become when she’s finally of age to make decisions for herself. I had family bring a newspaper, us weekly, letters, small items, gold coins, money, a devotional. It’s going to be really hard locking this box up and not reading anything until 2034. Must have self control!!! With all jokes aside, she will really enjoy this when she’s older. And if some of those loved ones have already passed, it will be even more special.

Since Quinn was getting fussy towards the end of her party (this girl never naps), her cake was still fully intact. We tried to do her cake smash in my studio so of course I could get the pictures I wanted. She was totally not into it. I did manage to get some great pictures though as this girls personality shines even through her tiredness. She barely touched her cake and really didn’t know what to do with it. So I’m pretty happy about not spending big bucks on that cake! After all that excitement it was time to lay her down for a much needed nap.

What do you think of my Whimsical Woodland theme? Comment with your thoughts below!

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Whimsical Woodland First Birthday Decorations


  1. Sara Rieth says:

    She is so darling! Motherhood is the most wonderful experience in the world. 🙂

  2. Katie Pape says:

    Amber, your selection on everything with your baby girls first birthday are as usual impeccable. You have always had such a wonderful design eye. I attempt to make adorable parties like this for my kids but of course I have to beg, borrow and steal my ideas from Pinterest. I love seeing things through your lens and am beyond excited to see your daughter grow since I no longer live close to you. 🙁 I loved the paper flowers and the addition of flowers to the cake. Everything turned out beautifully.